Outdoor camping With or Without Electric Rice cooker

Everyone has their hobbies; some loves to playing a game, singing or listening songs and same as that some loves to do the cooking. Even today men have lots of interest in cooking. A few years ago, preparing rice was a very long procedure, but now with several rice cookers are intent to make a meal in just a few minutes. These best small rice cookers are designed to aid convenience of preparing food without being any compromise with taste and quality. Even in a short period, these cooktops have gained much popularity. Even, every second person is utilizing this fantastic appliance. Today, it became a crucial need for every kitchen. It not only helps you to cook food or rice, but it can also give your house a classy elegance.

Do you know that how can you cook perfect rice with this electrical rice cooker?

•    To prepare food in this rice cooker, it needs to consider that how much rice you want to cook, such as 1cup, 2 cups and so on. You can measure it with the measuring cup, which is given by the electrical rice cooker.
•    After measuring the rice quantity, rinse it well to remove the pesticides and contaminants. It is advisable to rinse the rice until it looks clean.
•    When you find that your rice is perfectly clean, add water on to the rice. Remember that add water as per the quantity of rice. For example, if you are using 1 cup rice then add 1 cup water to prepare perfect rice. You can also soak the rice for at least 30 minutes, and it is not required. If you want, you can add flavors in the rice to makes it tastier. Keep in mind; add flavors before start the rice cooker, so that rice can absorb these flavors.electric rice cooker for outdoor camping
•    The last step is that close the cooker lid and switch on the button of the rice cooker. Within a few minutes, your rice will be cooked and ready to serve. Several cooktops have a feature that helps you to keep your food warm until you unplug the electrical cooktop.
Now, I am going to tell you some tips to cooking rice without a rice cooker.
•    Cooking rice without cooker has the same procedure of cooking rice in an electrical rice cooker, such as wash the rise correctly and then adds water as per the rice quantity.
•    Add a pinch of salt in the rice, which helps to make your rice yummier.
•    Put rice including all ingredients in the pot and cover it and put it on the stove or gas. After 20 or 30 minutes, you will get perfect rice to serve it.
•    If you want fluffy and perfect rice, then remain it for more 15 minutes in a pan or pot.
Now, you may have got an idea that cooking rice without a cooker is taking a long time and on the other hand, the electrical cooker can cook rice within few seconds.

Which is best car for outdoor lifestyle 7 Seater Or Small SUV

Many large families find it difficult to find the right vehicle for their family, and that would have enough room to accommodate. There are Autocars available these days in which you can fit a lot of things like music instruments and soccer gear. These stylish high functionality seven-passenger utility cars are available in the market easily these days, and that fit your bill as well. Some of the cars on the list include Ford Explorer, Chevy Traverse, MahindraBolero, and Toyota Sequoia.  The SUV or Sports Utility Vehicles are big cars, which are specifically designed to go off the road or through rough surfaces. The SUV cars can accommodate about 6- 7 people in it.

7 Seater SUV Cars

The Toyota Sequoia is a luxury car that boasts about its chrome accents as well as moonroof on all its vehicles.  The Toyota vehicles are equipped with 3 different engines and mostly with Flex Fuel management. Handling the mid-size SUV, which has an overall length of 205 inches and 79.9 inches in width, is not at all difficult, and it is great fun to drive. The starting price of the Sequoia SR 5 is about $40,000.Renault-Koleos 7 seater
The 7 seater sports utility vehicle that can be driven on the roads easily is the Ford Explorer, and it is little smaller in size in comparison to the Toyota Sequoia, but it provides all the comfort, safety, and power. All models of this vehicle Ford Explorer are available in the market with a standard 3.5L V6 engine and with automatic transmissions. The Ford Company is investing more money in the production of small and mid-size SUV cars all around the globe, and the SUV segment has gained huge rise than most other motor vehicle division by Ford. There are luxury Autocars also available and that have long-term consistency rating.

Compact SUV’s

The 7 seater SUV cars are suitable for a couple with 2-3 kids at home and are suitable for use for a financially healthy family. The 7 seater SUV is a symbol of luxury, and the compact SUV’s are built on the same platform as the midsize cars, and their cost is similar to the mid-size class Sedan vehicles. The best part of the small SUV’s is that the handling capacity of these cars is better, and a lot of models of these small cars are available these days. The auto cars that fall into the category of top small SUV’s is Mitsubishi Outlander, Non-turbo Subaru Forester, and V6 Toyota RAV4.small SUV
The Sports Utility Vehicles are fuel efficient vehicles, and they are more practical in use. The small SUV’s have gained immense popularity in recent times, but it is not safe to drive the popular crossovers on the streets. The Audi Q3 is a premium and compact SUV car which is genuine in all aspects and its engineering formats. It is a resourceful companion that adapts very well to the urban character and can be used for everyday life.  The Autocars are systematically designed with a lightweight design, and its workmanship is commendable.

Why Are Marine Battery Chargers Critical for Boats?

What are Marine Battery Chargers?

Marine battery charger are a combination of the battery as well as inverters. They are mainly meant for using in a small boat, so as to run the motor. They can fit into any style of boat and provide the power according to its rating. There are different types of them like onboard battery chargers, portable battery charges and the combination of inverter cum battery chargers. There are different sizes of these marine batteries. There are also marine battery monitors, which can be helpful to monitor the charge that your marine battery undergoes.trollingbatteryguides.com
What is Trolling battery?
The trolling battery is a special type of marine battery with enhanced performance. They are specially manufactured for long hours of application. They have a huge lifetime and are no doubt better than the average marine batteries. You can roam about for hours using this battery in your boat. You can use two batteries in parallel for more enhanced performance.
How to determine the condition of your battery?
You can purchase any costly batteries from the market, but no matter how expensive it is, it will be of no use, until and unless you take good care of it. Sometimes, people think that the battery box looks good, that means, it does not require any care. This is a misconception. You can inspect the condition of your Trolling battery following these steps.
• Thinks like the breaking of the terminal, leakage, discoloration readily depicts that, your battery needs to be repaired or replaced. If you find, there is a broken terminal; then you have no option other than to replace it because a broken terminal or melted battery part can cause a short circuit. You should not keep your battery dry for a long period.
• Another important indicator of your battery condition is voltage reading. 0 V battery means it is in short circuit condition. During charging, if the reading doesn’t exceed 10.5 V, then the battery is dead. The best way to track the health of your battery is to install a battery monitor.
• Treating with load is also a great option. You can do it with the help of digital voltmeter. You don’t have the remove the battery. You just need to hold the prongs at the respective terminals of the battery. Then you will have the start the engine, can note down the readings.
What are the types of marine battery chargers?
Most of the charges of designed to charge car or bike batteries and not the Trolling battery. So there are very fewer options to charge a marine battery. There are two types of marine battery chargers, like the portable chargers and the onboard chargers. Portable chargers can be used for other appliances in your home. They are also less expensive than the onboard chargers. They are a bit inconvenient to charge the Trolling battery. On the other hand,onboard chargers are fully wired, and you just need to plug in. They are also technically advanced than the portable chargers.

Which tent is best and affordable for your small Family?

These days, when you are out to buy a family tent, you will come across a huge choice, but that is also an issue making you confused which one is the best. A lot will rely on the factors like some kids, their age and the type of camping trips you undertake, etc. This guide will offer you valuable information regarding choosing an ideal family tent. There is a lot thing to be taken into account while buying a best family tent. The foremost thing to remember is not just matching the number of people in the family to the berth. Even if you are a small family, choosing a bit large tent works out better, not due to the extra room, but the children will find it happier to get their sleeping compartment. The other things to check from a tent include whether the tent has room for standing up, just to get dressed in the morning and if it has good ventilation and fitted groundsheet. The list here includes something for the best tent brands review for small family, covering the requirement of cheerful and cheap budget guys.small family tent for next vacation
Robens Klondike Tipi
It is easy to further glam up this teepee style tent, particularly if the wood burning stove is included. It is convenient to accommodate a family of six members, having an optional additional 4-person inner tent, though you cannot utilize this simultaneously as the stove.
Outwell Earth 5
This is an award-winning tent that is excitingly easier to pitch, with plenty of room, great ventilation and the maximum amount of light as well. It is greatly durable, in spite of the reduced price.
Gelert Quest 8
This is an affordable and easy-to-pitch tent, which is an update of its previous model. It contains a bigger central living space, having a large porch containing two entrances and also a good size inner featuring curtain to separate children and parents.
Nordisk Reisa
This is the most versatile of all other tent options. It has a front portion that opens up as a wider tarpaulin for additional ventilation, while the middle compartment has entrance every side, featuring doors and roll-up windows that can be employed as tarps with additional poles. It is spacious and robust, with a massive amount of storage and gets packed down to very small size.
Olpro Wichenford
Having three sleeping compartments, this tent has huge well planned out space for a family with 4 members. The fabric of this tent is waterproof, and it is a greater option for the small sized family.
Coleman Cortes Octagon
It is a suitable option when you look for low-cost accommodation. If you simply pitch the flysheet outer, you can use it as a shelter or even a place space for kids.
Halfords Urban Escape 4 Man Tent
This tent is an incredible option, including a larger 4-person bedroom having zip divider if you need 2 bedrooms and also a light living area having a door canopy for additional shelter. There is also a sew-in groundsheet featured to reduce insects and draughts, handy storage pockets and an in-built mosquito net.

What Is The Gas Grill And What Is It Used For

From the ancient times, there are 3 basic necessities for a person. These are food, shelter and clothes. What basically a man needs to survive is these 3 basic necessities. From time to time, man has used several ways to fulfill these 3 needs. He has been hunting animals for food and for clothing. With time and advancement, he has modernized his ways for clothing by using plants as a mean. But still now days, animals are playing a major role in satisfying man’s need for food. He has been using different tools and equipments from ancient times. With the development tools have been changing. In the ancient time, man has been using only fire which he made by rubbing stones.


But now, he is using grill, stoves, microwave ovens and many more equipments. Gas stoves and grills are the most widely used tools these days for cooking food. What basically a gas grill is? It is a type of grill that uses some type of fuel for working and varies with size and quality, basically used for cooking the food. Gas grills commonly used these days, most often use fuels like propane or natural gas. Some of these grills use flame tools and some use heating or grilling tools which provide the necessary heat required for cooking the food. These grills range from a small sized grill to a large industrial sized grill. Most popular and recommended gas grill used now days is FLATTOP GRILL, which is very common for industrial use. In the developed countries like USA these grills are very much common. If looking for a gas grill  first of all reads the gas grill reviews from internet a grill comprises of the following parts:

  • Burner: They play a major part in gas grills as they are the vital source for heat in a gas grill. These are made up of steel and cast iron coating. These contain holes for supplying the necessary heat to the food item.
  • Heat Shield: These are commonly known as burner shields or heat plates. They play the same role as that of rock grate by protecting the burner from corrosive meat drippings.
  • Valve: It is unlike a burner and thus require replacement if it faces rusting.
  • Cooking Grid: It is the surface upon which the food is cooked. It is made up of cast iron and stainless steel.


As these grills use some type of gas like propane or natural gas, they are replacing charcoal based grills. Charcoal grills require daily cleaning; hence gas grills are beneficial over them. Moreover gas grills are portable. It also contains a portable gas bottle which can either be replaced or refilled after suitable uses. Also food prepared from these gas grills is safer as compared to the food prepared from other grills like charcoal grill. Most probably gas grills are beneficial over charcoal grills due to 3 major reasons, as discussed below:

  • More heat radiation cooking
  • Heat smoke cooking
  • Heat convectioning roasting

This way by keeping health as a priority people prefer gas grills and as a result gas grills are becoming a part of most popular equipments used now days.

Tips On How To Clean Your Dirty And Smelly Luggage

As our travel luggages travel in different conditions including muddy pathways, dirty pavements and rain, chances are there for the my travel luggage to get dirty and smelly. However if you don’t care about it, your expensive travel bag could get worn out within a short time. For most people, it could be a daunting task to clean the dirty and smelly luggage bag. But with the below given tips, you can easily eliminate the foul smell and dirt to make your luggage look like a brand new one.

Vacuum It

First of all, you have to vaccum your luggage bag to get rid of dust and dirt from it. It is also important to vacuum the interior and casters of the bag. You should have a good vacuum machine featuring good filter so that it can suck minute dust particles and dirt off the bag.juicy

Use Washing Liquid

You can use mild washing liquid to clean your canvas luggage. All you need is to add two drops of this washing liquid in two bowls of warm water. Then soak a clean towel in the mixture and wipe the luggage off. You can use this solution to clean the exterior and interior of the machine. Before wiping, you have to dust off the bag so that they don’t get stuck to your luggage.

Leather Polisher

If you have a leather luggage, it is better to use the leather polisher for wiping it all over the luggage.

Use Soft Bristled Brush

You can use a brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt particles in wheels, handles and zippers of your bag. You can even soak the brush in washing liquid to loosen up the dirt and mud.

Baking Soda Solution

In order to remove awkward luggage odor, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the exterior and interior of your bag. Wipe it off after an hour. This helps you to eliminate the dirt and lingering stains. Then vacuum the bag to remove the residues of baking soda.Cleaning-Hardside-Luggage

Lime Juice Solution

The foul smell of the bag can be removed by spraying lime juice solution in the bag. You have to mix a cup of lemon juice with a cup of water and pour it in the spray bottle. This would be easier for you to spray it all over the bag. Besides removing unwanted bag odor, lime juice solution also offers pleasant smell. Leave it aside until it becomes dry. You should not expose this bag to the direct sunlight.

Invest On A Luggage Cover

While you are traveling during rainy season, it is better to opt for a luggage cover for the bag as they could protect your travel luggage from damages whilst extending their lifetime. You can purchase these covers from the travel bag stores.

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