Outdoor camping With or Without Electric Rice cooker

Everyone has their hobbies; some loves to playing a game, singing or listening songs and same as that some loves to do the cooking. Even today men have lots of interest in cooking. A few years ago, preparing rice was a very long procedure, but now with several rice cookers are intent to make a meal in just a few minutes. These best small rice cookers are designed to aid convenience of preparing food without being any compromise with taste and quality. Even in a short period, these cooktops have gained much popularity. Even, every second person is utilizing this fantastic appliance. Today, it became a crucial need for every kitchen. It not only helps you to cook food or rice, but it can also give your house a classy elegance.

Do you know that how can you cook perfect rice with this electrical rice cooker?

•    To prepare food in this rice cooker, it needs to consider that how much rice you want to cook, such as 1cup, 2 cups and so on. You can measure it with the measuring cup, which is given by the electrical rice cooker.
•    After measuring the rice quantity, rinse it well to remove the pesticides and contaminants. It is advisable to rinse the rice until it looks clean.
•    When you find that your rice is perfectly clean, add water on to the rice. Remember that add water as per the quantity of rice. For example, if you are using 1 cup rice then add 1 cup water to prepare perfect rice. You can also soak the rice for at least 30 minutes, and it is not required. If you want, you can add flavors in the rice to makes it tastier. Keep in mind; add flavors before start the rice cooker, so that rice can absorb these flavors.electric rice cooker for outdoor camping
•    The last step is that close the cooker lid and switch on the button of the rice cooker. Within a few minutes, your rice will be cooked and ready to serve. Several cooktops have a feature that helps you to keep your food warm until you unplug the electrical cooktop.
Now, I am going to tell you some tips to cooking rice without a rice cooker.
•    Cooking rice without cooker has the same procedure of cooking rice in an electrical rice cooker, such as wash the rise correctly and then adds water as per the rice quantity.
•    Add a pinch of salt in the rice, which helps to make your rice yummier.
•    Put rice including all ingredients in the pot and cover it and put it on the stove or gas. After 20 or 30 minutes, you will get perfect rice to serve it.
•    If you want fluffy and perfect rice, then remain it for more 15 minutes in a pan or pot.
Now, you may have got an idea that cooking rice without a cooker is taking a long time and on the other hand, the electrical cooker can cook rice within few seconds.

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