Why Are Marine Battery Chargers Critical for Boats?

What are Marine Battery Chargers?

Marine battery charger are a combination of the battery as well as inverters. They are mainly meant for using in a small boat, so as to run the motor. They can fit into any style of boat and provide the power according to its rating. There are different types of them like onboard battery chargers, portable battery charges and the combination of inverter cum battery chargers. There are different sizes of these marine batteries. There are also marine battery monitors, which can be helpful to monitor the charge that your marine battery undergoes.trollingbatteryguides.com
What is Trolling battery?
The trolling battery is a special type of marine battery with enhanced performance. They are specially manufactured for long hours of application. They have a huge lifetime and are no doubt better than the average marine batteries. You can roam about for hours using this battery in your boat. You can use two batteries in parallel for more enhanced performance.
How to determine the condition of your battery?
You can purchase any costly batteries from the market, but no matter how expensive it is, it will be of no use, until and unless you take good care of it. Sometimes, people think that the battery box looks good, that means, it does not require any care. This is a misconception. You can inspect the condition of your Trolling battery following these steps.
• Thinks like the breaking of the terminal, leakage, discoloration readily depicts that, your battery needs to be repaired or replaced. If you find, there is a broken terminal; then you have no option other than to replace it because a broken terminal or melted battery part can cause a short circuit. You should not keep your battery dry for a long period.
• Another important indicator of your battery condition is voltage reading. 0 V battery means it is in short circuit condition. During charging, if the reading doesn’t exceed 10.5 V, then the battery is dead. The best way to track the health of your battery is to install a battery monitor.
• Treating with load is also a great option. You can do it with the help of digital voltmeter. You don’t have the remove the battery. You just need to hold the prongs at the respective terminals of the battery. Then you will have the start the engine, can note down the readings.
What are the types of marine battery chargers?
Most of the charges of designed to charge car or bike batteries and not the Trolling battery. So there are very fewer options to charge a marine battery. There are two types of marine battery chargers, like the portable chargers and the onboard chargers. Portable chargers can be used for other appliances in your home. They are also less expensive than the onboard chargers. They are a bit inconvenient to charge the Trolling battery. On the other hand,onboard chargers are fully wired, and you just need to plug in. They are also technically advanced than the portable chargers.

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